About PDF Resizer

PDFResizer is a set of free, simple online tools for some common manipulations with .pdf files.

PDFResizer.com is build on top of CakePHP web framework, Debian GNU/Linux, pdftk, ghostscript and pdftoppm command line PDF editing tools.

We use some file icons by Double-J Design.

Developed and hosted by Open Idea.


Do you have any questions, bug reports or suggestions regarding this website or PDF editing?

Drop me a line at mad182@gmail.com.

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All uploaded PDF documents and their metadata are automatically deleted 1 hour after upload/creation. We are not sharing any of your uploaded content to 3rd parties or listing filenames publicly.

We don't knowingly collect or store any personal information on our servers.
If you think we are hosting something containing your personal data or content belonging to you and would like to get it removed, please use the email mentioned above to contact me.

Downloadable files are named randomly and URL is given only to the user who uploaded or generated each file using our system.

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