Resize PDF

Maximum combined file size: 100MB, up to 500 files
Supported types: PDF, DOC, DOCX, ODT, PPT, PPTX
(other files will be converted to PDF automatically)

All files are automatically deleted 1 hour after upload.

Online PDF resizer

With this tool, you can instantly resize your PDF documents online for free, whether for personal or business use. It is beneficial for reducing the size of large files to conserve disk space, bandwidth, and computer memory, as well as for adjusting the paper size for printing. Additionally, it can increase the dimensions of a PDF, but it's important to note that image quality may be affected.

You can upload and resize multiple PDF files simultaneously and download the results through batch processing, eliminating the need to purchase, download, and install any PDF editor software on your machine.

It will resize your PDF documents to one of the quality presets you select:

  • low quality (72 dpi images) for screen viewing;
  • medium quality (150 dpi images) for eBooks;
  • high quality (300 dpi images) for printing;
  • very high quality (300 dpi images, preserving all colors) for high quality and resolution prints;

It can also resize page size. Just choose the paper size from the provided list of presets.

Due to the trade-off between reducing PDF size and compromising some quality, we do not recommend scaling down files intended for large format printing.

Remember to save your output file since we will automatically delete all files from our servers one hour after the upload.